Employment Opportunities

Local Referral Program

All CFM Locals actively participate in an employment referral program. When a purchaser calls the CFM local office seeking professional music services, the details of the engagement (place, time, budget, type of music) will be compared to the list of members who have registered for the referral system to see who best fits those details.

To find out more information about listing your band with the local referral program Click Here.

GoPro Music

GoPro Music: List yourself/band for free on the CFM's national live music booking/referral website.

GoPro Lessons: List your services on the CFM music instructor referral service. This online resource enables consumers to easily locate and engage CFM member music instructors.

GoPro Tunes: CFM's new online music store. Our site will soon offer a diverse mix of recorded music made possible by the talent of our 90,000 members

Check out GoPro 

Signatory Booking Agents

These agents are signatories to the CFM's Booking Agent Agreement which sets standards for legally enforceable contracts specifying negotiated fees, working conditions, and commissions.

Download the list of Canadian agents below.

icon Signatory Booking Agents in Canada

Contracts/Collective Bargaining

The CFM negotiates wages and working conditions in order to maintain minimum standards for its members involved in recording, TV shows, music videos, commercials, films, video games and traveling theatrical productions. The AFM also can provide a legally binding contract for any type of engagement, and when properly executed and filed with the local union, they allow the local officer to help collect payments in the case of a default.

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