Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF)


The Music Performance Fund (MPF) is the world's largest sponsor of live admission-free, professional musical programs. MPF operates as a non-profit, tax-exempt public service organization. From its New York office, it distributes funding across the US and Canada to support free admission musical events.

The fund provides for Live Music Performances which are free to the general public. It operates on a co-sponsorship basis between a co-sponsor and a Local Office of the AFM/CFM. The rate of funding is based on an individuals Local’s Tariff of Fees.

Any and all manner of musical styles are eligible, provided the venue is free and open to the public in general. No commercial ties, special interest fundraisers, or alcohol sales may be connected with the performance venue.

Credit must be visibly displayed or orally given to the Recording Industries Performance Trust Fund and The Atlantic Federation of Musicians, Local 571. If you have any questions or have a project or performance in mind for MPF funding, please contact us by email or by telephone at 479-3200. We will work with you to make sure your event meets the criteria of this program.

Limited MPF funds are available for the following engagements:

  • 30% MPF co-funding available for general musical concerts
  • 40% MPF co-funding available for Hospitals, Assisted living etc.
  • 50% MPF co-funding available for school projects
  • Veteran’s facilities are on a case-by-case basis.

Please Note: MPF Application Forms have been revised. Please contact the office for details.

Please note: Requests for Project Funding are being accepted for the MPF allocation year, which ends April 30 of each year. Be advised that the Fund no longer payrolls the engagements and acts only as a granting partner with the Principle Sponsor. Processing times have been as long as 60 days so please ensure you allow for proper timelines for approval.

For more information, contact:

Local 571

P: 902.479.3200

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 902-479-3200
Fax: 902-479-1312
Email: [email protected]

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